Dryer Repair Santa Ana

At First Class Appliance Repair service, we offer complete repairs and maintenance service for a host of commercial and residential customers. Our team of technicians are certified and authorized to work on your dryer repair issues in Santa Ana.
We understand your problems when you find that the dryer is malfunctioning or it has completely stopped working. Not only it is inconvenient but using commercial laundries isn’t cost effective. If you are facing such problem right now, call in our Dryer Repair in Santa Ana service.

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Since the operations of dryers are complicated, it might be out of your reach to determine the exact problem. You may have no idea how to deal with the situation. You can sit back and relax because after you call us, we’ll take over the complete job. Schedule an appointment or call our emergency dryer repair service and we will reach you at the earliest. At our Dryer Repair in Santa Ana service we work on all models and sizes of dryers and have years of experience working on them.
Reason for dryer repair
Oftentimes, you may have noticed that dryer become too hot. This issue can be related to many different aspects of dryer functioning. If you notice that there is a fault, call us. We will come and detect the exact source of the problem before carrying out the Dryer Repair in Santa Ana. Issues associated with dryers are:

Blocked filter leads to restricted air flow
Broken idler pulley, drum belt
Obstructions/leaks in exhaust duct
Lint build-up

These are some of the common problems that lead to the breakdown of the dryer. As we are at your service, we will find out the cause and provide quick and affordable repairs.

Is DIY repair safe?

You might have come across several sources that recommend you to repair your dryer on your own. They might even provide you tips and suggestions that can get the repairs done as DIY. However, we’d like to step in and advice never to do that unless you have professional qualification dealing with electrical appliances. You need to refrain from taking risks by trying to manage the problem on your own. Some problems in your dryer might even cause fire leading to injuries. We know how to adopt safety precautions while carrying out the repair. Moreover, we are licensed and certified in Dryer Repair Santa Ana with many years of experience and have the necessary tools and equipment to deal with all such issues. Only genuine spare parts are used supplied directly from the manufacturers. This ensures one tie repairs and prolonged life of the dryer.
Not only will it be cheaper to call in our Dryer Repair Santa Ana service, but short-circuits are a possibility and it can cause you bodily harm. Thus, it is best to call in affordable repair technicians.

Why work with us?
We work on all brands of dryers including LG, Miele, Bosch, Kenmore, Maytag, Samsung, Whirlpool and more. Each technician has years of certified experience in the industry and still undergo training programs on the newest launches in the market. They are apt at quickly evaluating the issues and design a custom repair procedure based on the fault that has been discovered. Though other dryer repair Santa Ana services abound, we offer quality services that makes us stay a notch above the local competitors.
Same day service
24/7 emergency assistance
Call 30-minute before we arrive
Written estimates
Guarantee on spare parts

We offer low cost subscription on annual maintenance services that ensure preventive management tips and evaluations. It helps reduce the repairs and maintenance costs and enhances the life of the appliance. Call us now.